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Dr. Lakshmi - Head-Admin and Facility

Unbelievable! The process of getting the Digital Signature and the eProcurement, Govt of Karnataka was so nice and easy that we wondered about it. SriPaLa Solutions made it look so easy that effortless. Our management is so happy with the services and the support that SriPaLa Solutions is providing. They have saved us a lot of run-around job and handled the work so professionally. Once may think that the cost is bit higher, but it is really worth paying instead of having any tension. Good work and thank you SriPaLa Solutions.

Abhishek Kohli - Head, HR Dept

SriPaLa Solutions provided the best service for the Digital Signature that we wanted. It was a very wonderful and joyful in getting it done. The system was so nice that we did not feel the hardship of doing the process. The details were briefed for me and the work was done with accuracy and speed. Since then, we have been regularly availing the services of SriPaLa Solutions. The fee is really a value for money as it saves a lot of time, energy and efforts. Thanks a lot SriPaLa Solutions. We recommend to avail the service from SriPaLa Solutions.

Mohammed Yacoob - Auditor

I was struggling in getting the Digital Signature for my clients. Once the person from SriPaLa Solutions visited me and offered the service. Initially, I thought that the cost was bit high. I tried with his service on a trail basis. Aha! it was so amazing! he delivered me the Digital Signature on my table with great speed. Now I know why he charges more...He is worth the cost. He justifies his cost with great commitment and speed. Kudos SriPaLa Solutions.

Ananda Kumar - Govt.Contractor

I was in need of Digital Signature to apply for a Govt tender. I approached SriPaLa Solutions if he could deliver the Digital Signature before the end of that day. I was surprised to hear that he could deliver the Digital Signature with Encryption on the spot. I not only got the Digital Signature in time, but also got the tender awarded to me. Thanks SriPaLa Solutions for the best service. I strongly and happily recommend to buy Digital Signature from SriPaLa Solutions. He is worth the price. Thanks